In honor of the famous Cobra Jet Ford has released the latest rendition 50 years later. The Cobra Jet is a tribute to the drag strip. It is a milestone for what Ford Performance is capable of. It’s hard not to love a turnkey race car from factory especially when it comes with a parachute, drag slicks, NHRA roll cage, and a 3.0 Whipple supercharged Coyote 5.2 motor. Limited to Only 68 non-VIN cars, if you haven’t submitted your order by now you probably missed your chance being the first owner.

Among other things, like a factory parachute and a roll cage, the new Cobra Jet also comes fixed with a unique livery and a hood only seen on the Cobra Jet. Weld racing wheels, Strange Engineering 9 inch solid rear axle, Racetech FIA seats and more!

8 second quarter miles at 150 MPH, Ford Performance Parts team have truly came together to develop such an amazing piece. The project epitomizes the close teamwork between traditional and motorsports engineering groups to maximize the design, performance and durability of production Mustangs.” – Ford Performance

At $130,000 these babies are one of the best examples of Ford Performance division and have been for years. Now is the time to be a part of history and jump into 8 second quarter miles.


Mustang Cobra Jet timeline

1968 – Original FE 428-cubic-inch V8-powered Cobra Jet is created:

  • Ford produces 50 lightweight Mustangs to hold the 335-horsepower engine; six are shipped to Holman Moody and Bill Stroppe to be prepared for NHRA competition
  • Al Joniec pilots one of the six to Cobra Jet’s first victory

2008 – Rebirth of factory Mustang Cobra Jet, M-FR500-CJ, 40 years later:

  • Powered by a supercharged 5.4-liter dual-overhead-cam V8, this drag racing renaissance was the first Stock Eliminator car to dip into the eight-second zone at an NHRA National Event
  • Unlike the original, the 50 produced this time around do not feature VINs, so they are not street legal
  • John Calvert drives a Cobra Jet featuring Joniec tribute paint scheme to victory at NHRA Winternationals on 41st anniversary of its original win

2009-16 – M-FR500-CJ:

  • 250 additional cars are produced with dozens of domestic drag racing records, victories and championships achieved across NHRA, IHRA, NMCA and NMRA
  • Drivers range from experienced veterans to young drag racing stars in the making
  • Through half a century, Mustang Cobra Jet orders are still being placed at local Ford dealerships



PK Auto Design does “The Porsche Effect”.

L.A. serves as one of the best foundations for the automotive scene. With actors and their private collections, to some of the headquarters for international race teams. Being such an authority figure, L.A. serves as the perfect curator for some of the best museums and automotive communities as well.

One of these monuments is the Petersen Automotive Museum and specifically their newest exhibit, “The Porsche Effect.”

For the next year, the Petersen Automotive Museum serves as the biggest gathering of historical Porsche automobiles outside of Germany.

The Porsche Effect overlooks 48 historic Porsches that have played integral roles, making Porsche what is today. Le Mans winning monsters, record sales holders, and even a 4-door 928 prototype are all here for your enjoyment.

Celebrating Porsche’s 70 year anniversary, the exhibit recalls art, design, engineering, and racing history. Not to mention the museum’s existing approval of the of the Stuttgart brand, Petersen is a perfect candidate to represent Porsche in its full automotive glory.

A continental collection made possible for your viewing pleasure on behalf of a handful of Porsche related companies and private owners.

First approaching the museum, having not been here before, I was captivated by the design of the building, which only added to the anticipation of experiencing the exhibit. Finally parking, the ramp served as a great precursor to what I was about to see inside.


When first entering The Porsche Effect, you are greeted with a totem of chassis numbers and call numerals for all of the Porsche models over the years. This statue of achievement gently opens the floor up to the Type 64 that many consider to be the first automobile that was what Porsche was to become.

Walking into the museum entrance, you are immediately captivated by a pair of GT1 911s. Porsche dominated the supercar class at Le Mans with this car. The GT1 is another prime example of Porsche’s ability to dominate its class. One of these can currently be purchased for an exasperating $7mil.

The unveiling of the showroom, with such a welcoming, exceeds your expectation as you continue to ponder and carry into the heart of the exhibit.

917s, 4-door 928s, Carrera GTs, 906s, authentic Le Mans-winning championship cars, the Dakar winning 959, limited production trim models, and, of course, a few 911s are all yours to feast upon when you really take on the Porsche effect. The staging and contrasts of 70 years of Porsche is really incredible. As you start to engage and read into what each car signifies, you learn and start to embrace what a refined automotive passion can achieve.


I have to point out the 917. Cars world renowned and local to our communities have taken on the iconic Gulf Livery. The blue and orange colors are a staple for the racing community and a landmark for Porsche in the movie industry. Steve McQueen was responsible helping to bring this car to fame the the classic Le Mahns movie in 1971 and continues to remain a trendsetting livery for many different racing series. This car is also responsible for being the most expensive Porsche ever sold and went for a staggering $14,008,000 at Pebble Beach in 2017. This cars presence is more powerful than any other landmark I have ever bared witness.

Another noteworthy spectacle in the Porsche Effect is the 76’ 930 Turbo Carrera. Everyone knows what a Turbo 930 looks like but it’s poised juxtaposition in the middle of the room against the rest of the cars was incredible. A tombstone in production and development that shaped Porsche forever. Muscular contours to fit a wider rear tire set, a huge spoiler, and more power that you can shake a stick at landed a trademark worthy of becoming an immediate sensation.

From the notable contributions to VW earlier in the upper levels of the Petersen Museum, to the secrets kept in the vault, the Petersen Museum perfectly exemplifies what 70 years of success looks like. This exhibit is sure to please the automotive enthusiast as well as their significant other, even if you don’t like Porsches, you can admire the achievements that Ferdinand and his legacy leave behind.

See below for more pictures and tell us what your favorite Porsche is, and comment what we should cover next!

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The Mustang has been a fan favorite ever since it debuted in April of 64’. An American Icon for over 50 years, it’s as American as apple pie.

Mustang has undergone many changes over the 50+ years of development, but no Mustang has come close to the new development of the S550 chassis that came out in 2015. This car boasts:Independent rear suspension, bold new body styling, and a completely new interior redesign.

With these updates comes an entirely new customer base. Young and old, drag and track, this car is capable of so much.

Imani has been a long time Mustang fan and has poured all of his love and passion for the brand into his own S550. Super-charged, upgraded 6-pot brakes, and completely refreshed suspension, this cars customization is not only an extension of the owners own personality, it completely compliments his driving ability as well.

Starting under the hood is the factory 5.0 Coyote motor with a 2.9L Whipple Supercharger. This engine is tuned by Carl at the Dynojet Research Facility in Las Vegas. Fitted with a 3.25 Griptech reduction pulley and upgraded injectors, this blower/tune combo adds a lot of power to the factory v8. So much in fact that he needed to upgrade the transmission to handle all of the power responsibly with a T56 Magnum Transmission that has been outfitted to properly handle this power. Not only is the transmission capable of handling more power, but also it also adds lengthened gears to increase top speed and throttle response off the line. Finishing up the drivetrain we turn our attention to the Mcleod RXT 1000 Twin Disk unsprung clutch that’s capable of handling 1000HP RELIABLY. Fixed to the back of the trans you will find a one Piece DSS carbon fiber driveshaft fitted to the factory 3.55 differential.  

S550 Supercharged
S550 Showing off the Whipple supercharger

With great power comes great responsibility. To properly harness the shear power of this 900HP “Hell-pony”, he has upgraded the front braking system to a 6-pot Brembo braking system secured to drilled and slotted rotors that has MORE than enough capability to stop this steel horse. Wrapped around these massive brakes you’ll find 19” Project 6GR wheels comfortability nuzzled within Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.  

Carrying this noble steed corner through corner is a 30-click adjustable dampening BC coilovers set. 7k front, 14k rear, keeping the S550 planted from take off through the apex. Poly bushing upgrade in all of the control arms, Eibach upgraded front and rear sway bars, and you can bet this “pony” will be overtaking you in the first corner.

S550 Mustang
S550 Mustang Soakin up the shot

I can’t express enough how well this daily-driven race car holds up to L.A. traffic and the race track. It’s extremely hard to keep a race car up to the standard of a daily driver but Imani’s take on the S550 has set a new standard for a daily driven, weekend warrior, and road performance vehicle.

Thanks again Imani, @rocketman5.0, for sharing your ride with us. If you need any S550 build help, look no further than Imani’s S550. You’ll be able to hear his Borla exhaust igniting the road with its distinguishable exhaust note. Not being a huge domestic car enthusiast, I can now safely say I have officially been domesticated.

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S550s going to the race track
S550 Pack

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Torch Red ZL1
Torch Red ZL1

Torch Red Camaro meets HRE 101

Nick T had upgraded from a mustang to the 2017 Torch Red ZL1 early. It was love at first burnout. The color was right, the torque was incredible. Everything seemed to be going as planned for his first few months of ownership.

In a blissful state Nick failed to anticipate one issue that nobody should have to deal with. Thieves. Parking his car in the same spot outside of his house he never would have thought that someone would be plotting to deface his investment.

Torch Red Camaro
2017 ZL1 Camaro on blocks

Up on blocks, wheel-less, and burnt out, Nick had to step up to bat and deal with the issue. After numerous phone calls back and forth with insurance finally the car was released and taken to the local dealership to begin the slow and painful process of rebuilding her. Carrying a positive attitude towards the situation Nick had been plotting his own comeback.

Seeking the silver lining Nicks awesome attitude on the situation brought forth a beautiful rebirth. Nicks 2017 Torch Red ZL1, now nicknamed “Project Phoenix”, was going to be outfitted with, not only locking lug nuts but as well with some some new shoes, Racing shoes.

The “re-birth” of the 2017 Torch Red Camaro

Hayashi Racing Equipment more readily known as HRE is one of the world’s most iconic aftermarket wheel brands. As the second oldest aftermarket wheel manufacturer in the industry starting in 1978. They have become known for their exquisite attention to detail and industry leading manufacturing. HRE has successfully carved a reputation and became the household name worldwide for car lovers young and old.

Nick made it plain and simple quality over quantity was the aim and we were the men tasked with the job. Our goal was the simple rebirth of an american icon and nothing but perfection would due. We called up the boys at HRE and began the process of detailing the build from width to offset and center cap construction to concave profile. Not a single inch of this specially tasked assignment was left untouched. The outcome, well simply amazing, not only did we have the pleasure of doing what we do best and what we love, but ultimately providing Nick his dream setup.

Torch Red ZL1
Torch Red ZL1

Re-branded, re-born, re-ignited, you’ll try to catch Nick on the street, but probably won’t be able to. Might be easier to come down to the PK headquarters for one of our open houses and check out his car here.

Make sure to check out our Youtube video covering the new HRE 101s and showcasing the ZL1 Camaro
Shout out to @fitment.visuals for the awesome footage
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Author credits @3richs


Torch Red ZL1
Torch Red ZL1
Torch Red ZL1
Torch Red ZL1 HRE 101